Results Guaranteed

Results Guaranteed

Fat and Weight Loss

You’ve arrived here because you are unhappy about something. Whether that's:

  • The way you look
  • The clothes that no longer fit you
  • The lack of confidence you have in yourself
  • The upcoming Holiday/Wedding/Event 
  • The solutions you're searching for to achieve the goal you set at the start of the year

 I'm only interested in YOUR reasons and HOW I CAN HELP YOU achieve your goals.

We will then track your progress and adjust the plan as you progress. 

Follow this programme and I guarantee a change.

How I can help you achieve your goals

  • There will be initial body composition testing to determine a starting point using the latest in technology
  • Calculations of  a Daily/Weekly calorie target, whilst considering your Basal Metabolic Rate, Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Current Body Composition and Activity Levels (no one size fits all targets here)
  • Thereafter, monthly body composition testing to analyse progress
  • Monthly Progress Pack with a breakdown of your progress specific to YOUR goal
  • Assign additional workouts to do outwith sessions with myself (included in the price).

If you follow the guidelines/targets provided, you WILL progress and hit your personal goal. As i mentioned before, there is absolutely no guess work, everything is calculated pricesly and specifically to you. 


Scientifically Proven Systems and method’s

There will be no random exercise/training regime pulled together in 5 minutes. All sesions are designed specifically individualised to your needs with your end goal in mind using both the latest in technology, in addition to scientifically proven method's.

Ian Findlay Premier Fitness Training App

We will use the app which you will have full access to on your phone, to track progress, workout history, nutrition history (600,000 foods to choose from), set goals, book sessions, send and receive private workouts and meet your demands effectively.

Monthly Progress Pack

A monthly review of progress, displayed in graph form, with comments on current progress and goals for the upcoming month. Work hard during the month and recieve your progress pack and see the progress for yourself!



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